Outdoor Grounds Update

The Outdoor Grounds Committee focused on building a nature trail and outdoor classroom last year, and recently won a Voots “Get Kids Growing” Garden Grant to expand the gardening program at NES.

Efforts continue to create a rain garden to capture storm water run-off and reduce erosion from the back parking lots.  Donations of plants to go in the rain garden will soon be sought.

The committee is also working with Kate Tooke, landscape designer and planner, to create a master plan for the outdoor spaces at NES. In June, a community visioning workshop was held to brainstorm about wishes and dreams for the NES schoolyard.  Using information from it, Kate  is creating 2-3 conceptual master plans that will be presented this fall at a second community meeting. The ideas will be reviewed and refined into one final masterplan.

A Facebook page has been established to share ideas, show schoolyard examples, and illustrate our efforts.

To become involved in the Outdoor Grounds Committee efforts, please contact Sally Milliken at milldoo@comcast.net or Emily Sullivan at dws.emily@gmail.com.