Star Wars Painting Raffle

Do you have any Star Wars fans in your life? 

If so, check out this exciting opportunity!  

Rob Surette, the awe-inspiring artist who brought us Amazing Hero Art earlier this year, has given the PTA a limited edition, signed Star Wars print and this is your opportunity to win it!  You may purchase a raffle ticket via PayPal below – tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.

Rob is an artist for Disney, Star Wars, Dream Works, DC Comics and Muppets.  To learn more about Rob, his paintings, and his powerful message, please visit:

Tickets are on sale until June 21 via PayPal, and then will be available for purchase at the Summer Kickoff event on June 22.  Winner will be drawn at the end of the Summer Kickoff event!

22792499_1514493488619275_5014628860521161608_oThis print is #19/95 and retails for $300 from Disney


Star Wars Raffle Ticket

1 Star Wars Raffle Ticket


Star Wars Raffle Tickets

5 Star Wars Raffle Tickets


Fundraising Goals: In the fall when Rob Surette came to visit, we were not only blessed with his awe-inspiring Art, but we had an opportunity to purchase some of the paintings that he made that day.  The PTA was able to purchase 2 of the paintings and donate them to the school. They are in the front lobby of the school and serve as a daily reminder of the beautiful message he delivered to the staff and students in his presentation. With this Raffle, we hope to raise enough funds not only to have Rob come back, but to also have funds available to purchase the paintings he does for us when he comes back. The students and staff really enjoy seeing them hanging in the lobby and we can’t wait to have more Amazing Hero Art hanging throughout the school!

Help us reach our goal of $2,000 and share this page with friends and family! Thanks in  advance for working on our goals with us!